Made by Palmu is a brand of handcrafted functional design by a Finnish carpenter, yours truly, Matti Palmu. 

I’m a third generation artisan, inspired by the rugged and ascetic nature of Finnish archipelago. The shapes of arched and twisted pines of the archipelago feed my imagination, and my creative ideas often stem from spending time at a cabin by the sea.  

I’m fascinated by wood, its beauty and non-human dependent quality. We Finns strive from our forests. They are lungs of this nation and have provided us with inspiration and wealth. The core idea of my design is to preserve nature’s handprint in the material, all the way to the finalised pieces. The details of my work are created by nature – the knots and curves of the raw wood are preserved in the finished products.  

All materials I use, I personally and carefully chose. Mindful selection of material means a sustainable approach where waste is minimised. Each piece is born at my Helsinki workspace, for a specific purpose. 

It’s really important to me that each piece that leaves my hands is of the highest quality, crafted to withstand the use of time. I create these sustainable pieces with the upmost respect for nature, for you and your family to enjoy.

Sincerely, Matti Palmu